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Promorionis presend:3 man pic spider venom and south park
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vipiu iada Hello all
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Nevertheless — whether it be out of habit or simply a wish for the whole thing to be over and done with — many have started looking toward the adult entertainment industry to get a better feel of which way the high-definition winds are truly blowing.
As was expected, the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show saw even more posturing and politics between the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD camps, with each side announcing a new set of alliances and predicting that the end of the war was imminent.
Indeed, the success of this high-definition duel, as many have noted, will likely hinge on the partnerships that each coalition creates both with the consumer electronics and film industries.
And while today's home video market environment is far different from that of the 1980s, the adult industry is again poised to play another leading role in the final outcome. That is, if it can choose
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Las Vegas Hilton DescriptionDirectly off the Strip, the Las Vegas Hilton offers well-suited rooms, fine entertainment, gourmet and themed restaurants and an after-hours lounge.
Well into its third decade of operation, the Las Vegas Hilton remains one of Vegas' flagships. Dozens of aspects make the Hilton unique, not the least of which is its connection to the King: For the last eight years of his life Elvis Presley performed in the showroom and pictures of the rock legend can be found in some of the Hilton's gaming areas and a statue of Elvis is located inside of the main hotel entrance. The parade of distinctions doesn't end there.
Twinkling crystal chandeliers run the length of the main casino ceiling, and several restaurants, including the award-winning Benihana, serve every taste. Giant convention areas accommodate every imaginable function -- from company Christmas parties to the Consumer Electronics Show. And top-name entertainers, especially during National Finals Rodeo week, take the stage at the Shimmer Cabaret and the Showroom.
And that's before the Hilton pulls its trump card -- the amazing Star Trek: The Experience, which features BORG Invasion 4D, Klingon Encounter and Star Trek the Experience: Secrets Unveiled. The attraction is based on the television and film phenomenon that has influenced generations. From the King of Rock 'n' Roll to "Where None Have Gone Before," the Hilton combines Vegas' past, present and future in a remarkable way.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Grdina even went one step further, adding that even releasing HD DVDs at this point isn't necessarily a sound business decision.
"It's just not lucrative to make HD movies at the moment. Right now, you're basically doing it just to say you have it. The players are still really expensive and most people don't even have a way to watch the content."
While HD DVD certainly seems to have its foot in the porn industry door, Vivid Entertainment, another high profile adult movie studio, announced plans to release on Blu-ray later this year, or at least to begin burning to the format.
Steve Hirsch, who is head of Vivid, said he will also be using the HD DVD format due to its greater market saturation. But he also said the studio will begin burning to Blu-ray as soon as it's feasible (i.e. affordable).
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] But when Atlanta-based InterCept acquired iBill for $120 million in 2002, it immediately encountered problems. New rules from Visa made it more complicated and costly to process adult website transactions, and "accounts dropped like flies," says Dugas. Meanwhile MasterCard levied $5.85 million in fines against iBill for an unusually high volume of "charge backs" -- consumer-disputed charges -- though InterCept managed to recoup most of the fine from iBill's previous owners.
In September 2004, iBill lost the contract with its upstream credit-card processor, First Data, which had grown wary of being associated with adult content. Website operators relying on iBill for payments had to wait months for their checks while First Data held the money in escrow. Roger Jacobs, who followed the story of iBill for adult industry publications AVN and XBiz, described low morale and a hemorrhaging of employees during this period.
Lance James of Secure Science and Adam Thomas of Sunbelt Software speculate that the company's troubles may have left them vulnerable to information embezzlement: The breach, they say, has all the markings of an inside job. The files appear to have been generated by exporting an SQL database into a CSV format -- a procedure that would be unusually extravagant for a quick, furtive hack attack. Moreover, at 4.5 gigabytes in size, the larger file would have been tough to download unnoticed over iBill's internet connection.
Promorionis presend:3 man pic spider venom and south park
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